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Mia’s Blessings works to provide financial grants to help families experiencing crisis in both the U.S. and Colombia.

Serenity Spaces give frontline heroes and caretakers a place to find respite during difficult times. Serenity Spaces are located at Nicklaus Children’s Hosptial in Miami and Quantum House in Jupiter, FL

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Mia’s Miracles hopes to bring a message of comfort to families going through medical crises by way of uplifting, celebratory events and gifts for caregivers during their most challenging times.

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Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
Nicklaus children’s hospital’s mission is to inspire hope and promote lifelong health by providing the best care to every child with a vision to create a healthy future for every child.
Downtown Palm Beach
Mia loved visiting the carousel located at Downtown Palm Beach Gardens. A close friend of Maria and the Foundation, Diane Donald, and the Shopcore Team hosted a free family event to celebrate the Foundation and launch Mia’s Mondays at the Carousel.
Quantum House
Quantum House is a caring and supportive home that lessens the burden for families whose children are receiving treatment in Palm Beach County for a serious medical condition.
Patient Advocate
Patient Advocate Foundation’s mission is to provide a compassionate and understanding environment that reduces anxiety and helps your child feel comfortable about spending time at the hospital.
Palm Beach Children’s Hospital
Palm Beach Children’s mission is to provide a compassionate and understanding environment that reduces anxiety and helps your child feel comfortable about spending time at the hospital.
Fundación Rosa Mística
The Esperanza de María Rosa Mística Corporation is a legally constituted non-profit entity whose mission is to care for children and adolescents diagnosed with CANCER; providing them with "a home" in the city of Medellín.
Fundacion Patronato
Fundación Patronato’s mission is to provide comprehensive health care and rehabilitation to children through alliances with professionals and institutions.
Fundacion Beatriz Londoño
The Beatriz Londoño Foundation is a non-profit entity that directs all its efforts to improve the quality of life of the families of La Avanzada, Santo Domingo Savio, Comuna 1 of Medellín-Colombia, through housing, food, education and training programs. for income generation.
Fundacion HOMI
HOMI is a private, non-profit dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of highly complex diseases in children. HOMI started pediatrics in Colombia 125 years ago and today it is the largest children's hospital in the country.
Hospital San Vicente Fundación
San Vicente Fundación is a private entity of a social nature, of a permanent nature, founded in 1913 in Medellín, oriented towards healthcare services, education and health research. Its founding principles are social sense, humanism, generosity and Christian charity.
Wolfson Children's Hospital
At Wolfson Children’s Hospital, the mission is to provide optimal health for the region’s children by providing patient- and family-centered care, education, research and child advocacy.