Introducing the “Miracles create Dreams” campaign by Lauval and Mia’s Miracles Foundation. The iconic Dream Bag now comes in a mini size, symbolizing the transformative power of dreams. With each purchase, you support mothers and children in need. Let’s celebrate resilience and hope together. 
This collection is available through June 2024.

Filipa is a global brand that specializes in handmade shoe collections for women. The team at Filipa will work with Mia’s Miracles for one year to provide the MIA shoe collection featuring new colors each season. A portion of proceeds from sales of the MIA Collection will be donated back to the Foundation each month. With each purchase, YOU are helping to provide miracles and blessings to those facing challenging circumstances.

Fashion, style, and family unite the four sisters of Colombian brand, Sister Sister. Mia’s aunts and mother have  curated four classic pieces that can be worn everyday and proceeds will benefit Mia’s Miracles Foundation while supplies last.

Supi Kids prides itself on being an ecologically-conscious, non-toxic brand based in Medellin, Colombia. Supi Kids produces each item by hand utilizing leftover wood pieces. The collaboration between Supi Kids and Mia’s Miracles was born out of the idea of merging two like-minded brands with the main goal of bringing joy to children.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Miracle Rainbow will be donated to Mia’s Miracles Foundation.

Royal Albartross, the British premier golf and lifestyle brand, has created a shoe and golf glove to benefit Mia’s Miracles. Alex Bartholomew, Founder and Creative Director of Royal Albartross, worked closely with Maria Ochoa to design a rainbow inspired shoe and golf glove with luxurious materials and qualities for which the brand is known for. Royal Albartross will be donating 10% of proceeds to the Foundation from sales of both the Mia’s Miracles Fieldfox shoe and Duchess v2 Mia’s Miracles glove.

la veranera

Milagros candle by La Veranera was made to bring LIGHT to those who need it the most. La Veranera donated 100% of proceeds to help support our mission to bring joy to families and children facing challenging circumstances.

There is a silver lining to every rainy day, which is why Super Smalls donated $20% of proceeds from the Silver Linings umbrella to Mia’s Miracles. Without rain, there are no rainbows.

A collaboration born from the bond of true friendship between Pajaro Limon, Manifiesto, and Mia’s Miracles to bring smiles and positivity to children in need.

De La Heart is a Miami-based lifestyle brand created in 2015 by Gigi Vogel. It was born from the yearning to attain a more balanced & diversified lifestyle consisting of all the best in health, beauty, and fitness. 

Thank you to de la heart for donating a percentage of sales to our foundation!

Sister SisterMia’s Bracelets were created in honor of Mia, beloved daughter and niece to the four women of Sister Sister. SISTER SISTER WILL DONATE 100% OF THE PROCEEDS FROM MIA’S BRACELETS TO MIA’S MIRACLES FOUNDATION.

If you are interested in supporting Mia’s Miracles through your product line or donating a percentage of sales, please email