About Us

About us

Twenty-two months and two hours. Throughout this brief time our baby Mia lived a life of inspiration, hope and love. Mia was diagnosed with brain and spine cancer when she was 17 months old and spent 4.5 months at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital fighting for her life. Mia passed on July 26, 2020 at 22 months old. Her life was her MIRACLE and we are honored she chose us to be her parents. Mia brought light and joy to all that came into her presence and because of that her spirit lives on. Mia’s light now spreads throughout our mission to help others, a mission to provide blessings and a mission to spread happiness during unforeseen circumstances.  Join us in celebrating Mia’s life and honoring her legacy through Mia’s Miracles. Mia’s blessings to us while she was on this earth will last the rest of our lives! Together we will find the miracles in each day. The miracles of life, hope, and love!

Our mission

Mia’s Miracles provides small blessings with large impacts, bringing smiles and positivity to children and families facing challenging circumstances.

Our vision

That all children and families receive access to reliable resources and a supportive network that leads to a hopeful future.

Board of directors

Time, talents, and treasures! These are just a few ways our board of directors help
the foundation reach its mission. We thank them for their dedication in carrying out mia’s legacy.

Maria ochoa


Camilo Villegas

Vice President

Clarke Jones


Juliana Velasquez


Spencer Seaman


Our team

Genna Lancaster

Executive Director

Jami Velez

Creative Director

Penelope Mora

Latin America Coordinator