Mia’s Miracles hopes to bring a message of comfort to families going through medical crises by way of uplifting, celebratory events and gifts for caregivers during their most challenging times.

How the Foundation Helps

Caregiver Bags are gifted to moms of children currently receiving treatment for medical emergencies. These bags are filled with items to bring comfort and love during challenging times. Each bag contains fuzzy socks, eye masks, journals, Foundation branded cups, pens, plush blankets and more.

Family Fun Events are monthly events for the entire family to either celebrate a birthday or participate in a fun themed craft to take patients and their families minds off the difficulties they may be facing.  

Support Trays are delivered to families who receive difficult medical news. These trays are stocked with coffee, tea and pastries alongside an inspirational quote to provide support and comfort during a difficult time.


The Foundation has partnered with both Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, FL and Quantum House in Jupiter, FL to help plan and execute these joyful events and delivery of comfort items.


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