How the Foundation Helps

As Mia’s Miracles continues to grow we want to align the Foundation with other like-minded organizations to help accomplish philanthropic goals. Partnering with other organizations would allow both organizations to strengthen advocacy, expand programming and work towards improving the lives of many more individuals across the world.

Mia’s Miracles chooses organizations to partner with that share in the mission of providing small blessings with large impacts, bringing smiles and positivity to children and families facing challenging circumstances.

If you know of an organizations that would like to partner with Mia’s Miracles Foundation please email


We find strength in numbers. Mia’s Miracles partners with other organizations because…

  • Partnerships increase organizations efficiency allowing for us to accomplish our goals at a faster pace.
  • Partnerships allow for organizational effectiveness to help advance our mission more successfully.
  • Collaborating with other organizations allows for additional experimentation and a broader sense of social change.  


Mia’s Miracles is proud to partner with the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, the Lovemark Foundation and the Susie Beris, MD Fund for Yale Brain Tumor Surgery to provide free children’s books to pediatric hospitals around the country.

The Parker Book Series are child-friendly stories describing the process of brain tumor treatment- from diagnosis to surgery and thereafter- from the prospective of a little bear named Parker. Mia’s Miracles, along with participating partners, funded the republishing of 1,000 books that will be delivered to children being treated at hospitals around the nation.

To receive your own Parker Book please visit the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

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