The biggest union of registered nurses in the U.S. — National Nurses United — describes nurse burnout as “physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.” Nurse burnout leads to job dissatisfaction and affects patient outcomes. reports that when nurses get overwhelmed, they need effective emergency coping strategies. Examples include taking a break by themselves somewhere quiet and stopping to take a couple of deep breaths.

How the Foundation Helps

Mia’s Miracles hopes to provide a moment of reprieve for medical staff during family crises at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. These heroes can feel overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed while continuously working on the frontline. Mia’s Serenity Space for Staff has two locations within Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Both rooms are filled with joy, positivity and relaxation.


According to the National Institute of Health, combining and integrating “person-focused” strategies (i.e., taking care of oneself) with “organization-focused” strategies (i.e., taking the time to review your current job situation) are designed to build nurses’ abilities to manage stress at the individual level.

The impact of these strategies together will allow nurses to destress, resulting in a happier disposition which can lead to a decrease in errors and better care for patients!


The mission of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is to inspire hope and promote lifelong health by providing the best care to every child. They are a passionate team using the most advanced methods to care for children and support their families.

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