500,000 Colombian children (about 13% of the child population) suffer from chronic malnutrition, as indicated by a report of the Center for Economic Development Studies (Cede), University of the Andes. As you can see, there is a large need for assistance in feeding children in Colombia.

How the Foundation Helps

Mia’s Miracles Colombia will partner with Coporacion de Amigos de Jonas to provide one nutritious meal per day for children in Colombia. Corporacion de Amigos de Jonas will facilitate distributing the meals with Mia’s Miracles funding the needs.


Proper nutrition is important for all aspects of a child’s life. From physical growth to brain function and emotional regulation, food is one of our main lifelines. A nutritious meal ensures that the children fed in Mia’s Kitchen will have the necessary meals to carry out their learning and development. Check back soon for stories and exact numbers of children impacted!


Coporacion Amigos de Jonas

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