Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s mission is to inspire hope and promote lifelong health by providing the best care to every child with a vision to create a healthy future for every child.

Mia spent countless days and nights at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital with the support from some of the best in healthcare. We are grateful to have had the incredible treatment from the entire medical staff. Giving back to Nicklaus Children’s has been and will continue to be an honor. Our programs at Nicklaus Children’s includes Mia’s Blessings and Mia’s Serenity Space for Staff.

Since 2021, our supporters have made it possible for us to donate more than $60,000 to help families in need. We have provided $8,000 in gift cards to help families purchase necessities and pay for transportation. In addition, four families have recevied support to help pay bills and other living expenses. 

“They [NCH] saved my daughter’s life and Mia’s Miracles helps us not lose our home – what else can I be thankful for?”

– Rosa, Zoey’s mother
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